Theo Angell 

Director of Photography


For 20 years, cinematographer Theo Angell’s work has taken him from rural villages in the mountains of Ethiopia shooting African war veterans to the air conditioned stages of Hollywood shooting major motion picture actors. This change of settings is one reflection of his diverse experience. But whether as a feature film Director of Photography, overseeing a crew of dozens, or as a single hand-held shooter capturing documentary footage on the fly, the goal is always the same—get the images that tell a story. Actors and actresses appreciate his ability to light them well. Producers value his efficiency. And directors trust his eye.

Among the actors with whom he’s worked are Paul Sorvino, Peter Fonda, Treat Williams, IceT, Christian Slater and Udo Kier. His films have been featured on Showtime, Hallmark, Lifetime, PBS, Lionsgate/Fox, Sundance Film Channel, 20th Century Fox, Regent, SyFy, ION and played theatrically and at film festivals around the world. He is a member of IATSE local 600.